The time has come for a new direction.

Since 1987, Magnani has seen an incredible cast of people come and go. Creative, smart, curious, kind, empathetic humans, all. It’s a company that has counted among its ranks street artists, entrepreneurs, philosophers, actors, singers, painters, MBAs, rock stars, designers, filmmakers, photographers, bikers, DJs, innovators, engineers, design thinkers, researchers, strategists, programmers, psychologists, mathematicians, comedians, writers, and athletes, to name but a few. Clients became employees. Employees became clients. Clearly, the greatest assets the company possessed rode the elevators up and down, every day.

This rich collection of personalities always drove the company to explore, adapt and grow—from packaging, collateral and TV ads to integrated marketing; web development to UX design; digital transformation to design thinking and innovation consulting.

With every new direction came new clients just as diverse. From BMX to business insurance. From community banks to the world’s largest financial derivatives exchange. From dining cruise ships to the cable industry. From an action sports equipment startup to a $90 billion global industrial manufacturer.

It’s been a deeply rewarding journey marked over time by those who have come and gone, and defined by the directions we’ve explored together. But today, the Magnani journey ends and we will all go in new directions.

To everyone who has travelled with us—whether you worked at Magnani, were a client, mentor, service partner, or the always supportive friends and family of those who were—thank you and farewell.